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On average detailers that choose SDS/2 see their productivity double when replacing their less automated steel detailing solutions. With time savings like that, you can meet compressed schedules with less manpower, take on bigger projects, or finally take that vacation.  

Graitec Advanced Workshop 

GRAITEC Advance Workshop is a purpose-built, easy-to-use Steel Fabrication Management Information System (MIS) designed to give steel fabricators complete control over every stage of production. Manage stock, traceability, labour and CNC processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs - ultimately optimizing your total business performance.

GRAITEC Advance Workshop manages CNC Machinery and individual workforce alike making it adaptable to the needs of steel fabricators of all sizes and maturity.


SigmaNEST runs every type of machine, delivering maximum versatility and scalability to meet your requirements for today and beyond. From increasing productivity to saving valuable materials and manpower, SigmaNEST optimizes your shop floor process without sacrificing quality or quantity. Integrate SigmaNEST with your design, manufacturing, and business programs to get the most out of your complete nesting solution.


Shop Data Systems has a wide array of advanced CAD-CAM industrial nesting software products that service general fabrication, product manufacturing, HVAC, blowpipe contractors and structural steel fabricators. When it comes to the fabrication industry, we know that you need part cutting software that works seamlessly with your existing systems. That is why we offer highly customizable products that we can tailor to your specific needs.

Shop Data has been serving the metal, steel, HVAC, and DIY fabrication industry for over 40+ years and we are prepared to work with any type of client, world wide. Whether you have utilized our services in the past or you are a new client, you can expect your needs to be our top priority.


Raptor 3D CAD/CAM Software from Peddinghaus takes CNC innovation further by enabling users to program faster and more accurately from design BIM platforms. This coupled with Peddinghaus CNC technology means maximum capacity for fabricators and detailers alike.